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American Military University

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

The American Military University (AMU), located in Charles Town, West Virginia, United States of America, is a well-known university that provides quality and career-relevant online education to interested students all over the world. It was founded in 1991 by a retired Marine Corps officer, James P. Etter, to serve the unique needs of a mobile population of military learners by offering distance education. It is dedicated to conveying students respected and affordable programs that can be completed in a flexible online format. Within a decade of its establishment, the AMU starts offering other undergraduate and graduate level programs which helped to prepare students for the role of a leadership within the military as well as for transition to post-military careers. In 2002, AMU was restructured into the American Public University System and American Public University was founded to deliver access to the affordable, quality and relevant education to a larger audience of interested working adults. Today, the student body of the combined schools equals more than 100,000 students all over the world. With a strong military heritage, the American Military University educates those in the military, defense, national security, public safety, and related communities. In the of 2014 U.S. best online undergraduate programs list by the News & World Report, APUS ranked in the top 12% nationally.

AMU offers over 190 academic programs created to be relevant to today’s job market with a curriculum that is reviewed annually to keep up with the changes in market. The courses are provided over the internet in with no specific login times. Under the undergraduate course, it has Bachelor of Science covering Accounting, Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity, Information Technology Management, Public Health, Space Studies, and others and Bachelor of Arts consisting of courses such as History, Psychology, Marketing, Military History, Religion, Sociology, Homeland Security, Intelligence Studies, Transportation and Logistics Management, are a few among many others. The degrees require between 120 and 124 semester hours (39-40 courses and 1-4 labs) depending on the program. For the graduates, the university has Master’s Program ranging from 36 to 48 semester hours (12-15 courses) of study and require either a comprehensive exam, a thesis, or an integrative practicum. The Master’s program includes Master of Arts and Master of Science with subjects similar to that of the respective Bachelor’s program. Besides that, it also has Master of Education consisting of Teaching, Educational Leadership, School Counseling, and many others. The courses can also be distributed by Schools into School of Arts and Humanities, School of Business, School of Education, School of Public Service and Health, School of Science, Technology and Math and School of Security and Global Studies. 

In addition to graduate and undergraduate programs, AMU also offers certificate programs to students who seek a shorter program knowledge of a specific discipline focused or on career development. Certificates range from 18 to 27 semester hours, typically 6-9 courses. Credits from a certificate program may be applied to an Associate, Bachelor’s or Master's degree. The undergraduate and graduate certificates are available on a number of specialized topics. The AMU also offers a Learning Track comprised of a 2-week orientation course on online learning and 3 academic courses according to the area of interest of the students. The Learning Track is designed for students who wish to pursue a specific area of study without making a commitment to a degree or certificate program with a separate Undergraduate and Graduate Learning Track. AMU offers associate programs designed for students who seeking a two-year degree be it the final degree for higher education or the foundation course for further study at the bachelor's level. An associate degree typically requires 61-64 semester hours (20 courses and 1-4 labs). It has Associate of Arts programs covering Business Administration, Communication, Counter Terrorism Studies, General Studies, Hospitality, Weapons of Mass Destruction Preparedness and many others, an Associate of Science including Computer Applications, Explosives Ordnance Disposal, Fire Science, Paralegal Studies and others and an Associate of Applied Science covering Health Sciences.

AMU offers a competitive tuition rates that makes earning the degree here not only a savvy future investment but also a responsible financial decision. The federal government offers a number of financial aid options to help the students pay for school with the help of grants and loans with the difference that loans need to be repaid, while most grants do not. The university openly welcomes international applicants from various countries around the world. Being an online university, the students are not required to enter the U.S. The classes are online and start monthly and run over a course of 8 or 16 weeks. The tuition fee is affordable and starts at $250 per credit hour, not to forget that a variety of financial aid options are available. The university has military roots which date back to 1991 when a Marine Corps officer founded AMU with one mission – to educate those whose serve. With more than 300 veterans on the faculty and staff, it has the knowledge that helps the students take charge of their active duty or post-service career. With much focus on military, it proudly owns a dedicated military support team with possible credit for military education and training. It also focuses on student activities which promote and encourage involvement as an essential component of the student experience.

With the motto of Educating Those Who Serve, the American Military University is a landmark in itself. Detailed information about the university is available on its official website and also in available on the Wikipedia.