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Adelphi University is a private educational institution founded on 24 June, 1896.Geographically located in Garden City, New York, United States of America the university functions with an endowment of $86 million. The university is currently functioning under the management of 1,013 academic staffs (336 full-time and 677 part-time) under the presidency of Robert A. Scott.

Holding the motto “The Truth Shall Make Us Free” the college holds a glorious history of more than a century. The university shelters 7,859 students which comprises 5,103 undergraduates and 2,756 graduates. Gayle D. Insler, Ph.D. is the provost of the university. The university is also nicknamed as Panthers.

The oldest educational firm of higher education on Long Island, the university has been crowned a “Best Buy” in higher education by Fiske Guide to College six times. Princeton Review crowned the university as the best college of Northeastern Region. Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching granted the university 2010 Carnegie Classification for Community.

The existence of the university was sketched as Adelphi Academy in Brooklyn, New York in 1863. The school was a private foundation situated at 412 Adelphi Street before moving to Clinton Hill. Dr. Charles Herbert Levermore was selected as the president of Adelphi Academy in 1893. After being chartered by Board of Regents of the State of New York, the academy was officially established as Adelphi College on June 24, 1896 under the presidency of Dr. Charles.  The college was chartered by state of New York with the effort of then Governor Timothy Woodruff which made the college first educational institutions to be chartered by state of New York.

The new campus was constructed behind Adelphi Academy in Brooklyn. Now the former Adelphi building shelters Pratt Institute’s School of Architecture.  In the year 1912, Adelphi was transformed in a women’s college. Leaving its place of origin the college was placed in Garden City, New York in the year 1929. The educational institution saw two great world wars but it never shook the foundation of its existence. The flourishing of the college caught the speed after World War II. The Adelphi College was granted university status in 1963 by the New York State Board of Regents.

The prestigious and historical Adelphi University has prepared the diversified courses to meet the demand of its students. The curriculum covering various fields is sheltered by the university.

Academic Programs, Certificates and Minors in various levels in Adelphi University:

Associate of Arts

• Liberal Arts, A.A.

• Liberal Arts: Pre-Nursing Concentration, A.A.

Associate of Science

• Emergency Services Administration, A.S.

Bachelor of Arts

• Anthropology, B.A.

• Anthropology: Environmental Anthropology Concentration, B.A.

• Art History, B.A.

• Art: Studio Art, B.A.

• Biology, B.A.

• English: Creative Writing Track, B.A.


• International Studies: Political Science Track, B.A.

• Latin American Studies, B.A.

• Liberal Studies, B.A.

• Literature, B.A.

• Philosophy, B.A.

• Physics, B.A.

• Political Science, B.A.

• Psychology, B.A.

• Social Science: Social Cultural Studies Concentration, B.A.

• Sociology, B.A.

• Spanish, B.A.

Undergraduate Certificate

• Certificate in Translation Studies

Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts

• General Psychology B.A./M.A. 5 Year Program

• The Scholar Teacher Education Program (STEP), B.A. or B.S/M.A.

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

• Dentistry, B.A./B.S./D.D.S. (NYU)

• Environmental Studies, B.A./B.S./M.S. (Columbia)

• General Education & Core Requirements

• Medicine, B.A./B.S./D.O. (Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine - LECOM)

• Medicine, B.A./B.S./D.O. (Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine - PCOM )

• Optometry, B.S./O.D. (SUNY College of Optometry)

• Pre-Engineering, B.A./B.S./M.S. (Columbia)

Bachelor of Business Administration

• Accounting, B.B.A.

• Management, B.B.A.

• Management: Finance Specialization, B.B.A.

• Management: Human Resource Management Specialization, B.B.A.

• Management: Management Information Systems Specialization, B.B.A.

• Management: Marketing Specialization, B.B.A.

Bachelor of Business Administration/Master of Business Administration

• Accounting Five Year B.B.A./M.B.A.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

• Art Education (Pre-K-12), B.F.A.

• Art Education, B.F.A.

• Art: Studio Art, B.F.A.

• Art: Studio Art, Graphic Design Concentration, B.F.A.

• Dance, B.F.A.

• Theatre Arts: Acting, B.F.A.

• Theatre Arts: Design/Technology, B.F.A.

Bachelor of Science

• Biochemistry, B.S.


• Exercise Science, B.S.

• Finance, B.S.

• Physical Therapy, B.S./D.P.T. (New York Medical College)

• Physics, B.S.

• Podiatry, B.S./D.P.M (New York College of Podiatric Medicine - NYCPM )

• Sport Management, B.S.

Bachelor of Social Work

• ANSWER Program Leading to Bachelor of Social Work, B.S.W.

• Social Work, B.S.W.

• Social Work: Child and Family Studies Concentration, B.S.W.

Basic Certificate

• Accounting: Basic Certificate

• Basic Sciences for Health Professions Post-Bachelor's Certificate: Post-Bachelor's Pre-Med

• Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD) Certification

Master of Arts

• Adolescence Education, M.A.: Accelerated Program

• Art Education, M.A.

• Childhood Education: Pre-Certification, M.A.

• Community Health Promotion, M.A.

• Early Childhood Education: In-Service, M.A.

• Educational Leadership, M.A.

• General Psychology, M.A.

• General Psychology: Substance Abuse Counseling Concentration, M.A.

• TESOL: Certification Track, M.A.

• TESOL: Non-Certification Track, M.A.

Master of Arts and Certificate

• M.A. General Psychology: Concentration in Human Resource Management

• Middle School Extension - Advanced Certificate

Master of Business Administration

• GOAL M.B.A. Program: Graduate Opportunity for Accelerated Learning

• Management, M.B.A.

• Management: Accounting Specialization, M.B.A.

• Management: Finance Specialization, M.B.A.

• Management: Marketing Specialization, M.B.A.

• Management: Sport Management Specialization, M.B.A.

Master of Fine Arts

• Creative Writing, M.F.A.

Master of Public Health

• Public Health, M.P.H.

Master of Science

• Adolescent Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings: In-Service Generalist with Extension, M.S.

• Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, M.S.

• Bilingual Childhood Special Education in Inclusive Settings – Alternative Certificate: Transitional Program, M.S.

• Nursing, M.S.

• Nutrition, M.S.

• Sport Management, M.S.

Master of Social Work

• Bilingual School Social Work

• Social Work, B.S.W.-M.S.W. Advanced Standing

• Social Work, M.S.W.

• Social Work, M.S.W., 16 Month Spring Start

• Social Work, M.S.W., One Year Residency

• Social Work, M.S.W., Part Time

Doctor of Audiology

• The Doctor Of Audiology Program, Au.D.

Doctor of Philosophy

• Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.

• Nursing, Ph.D.

• Social Work, Ph.D.

• Speech-Language Sciences and Disorders, Ph.D

Graduate Certificate

• Advanced Certificate in Autism and Severe or Multiple Disabilities

• Advanced Certificate in Health Education

• Intensive Teacher Institute Program (ITI-BSE) Bilingual Extension to TSSH/TSSLD

• Intensive Teacher Institute Program (ITI-BSE) For Bilingual Pupil Personnel

Advanced Certificate

• Accounting: Advanced Certificate

• Adolescent Students with Disabilities 7-12 Generalist with Extension Advanced Certificate

• TESOL Advanced Certificate

Postgraduate Certificate

Child, Adolescent and Family Psychotherapy Certificate

• Couple Therapy Certificate

• Group Psychotherapy Certificate


• African, Black and Caribbean Studies Minor

• Anthropology Minor

• Art History Minor

• Asian Studies Minor

• Biology Minor

• Theatre Arts: Acting Minor

• Theatre Arts: Design/Technology Minor


• High School Program and Pre-College Program

• Honors College

• Online Noncredit Certificate Program in English/Spanish Translation

• Pre-Health

• Pre-Law

Summer Pre-College Intensive Programs


• Business Clusters for Non-Business Majors: Introduction to Accounting

• Business Clusters for Non-Business Majors: Introduction to Business Law

• Business Clusters for Non-Business Majors: Introduction to Marketing

Other Programs

• Educational Leadership: School District Leader (Sport Management)

 The information about the program is detailed in its official website.