An exquisite director and writer of the millennium, Antoine Fuqua is known to the world as filmography’s true and dedicated man who does not have his match from the movie making field. Before the name that got him the considerable admirations of his audience as well as the critics, Fuqua was just one struggling but valiant screenwriter. He has the acclaim-able characteristic title of the director and writer of the major hit, ‘Training Day’ a reality based movie which has appreciations coming his way even today. From there Fuqua was able to earn as well as land the worldwide fame for his name from and in the latter releases to the industry as the field’s most recent talent.

Born on the 19th of January, 1966 in the heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S., Fuqua’s father was one admired actor of his time and his major inspiration and his mother too was an aspiring actress known to work for various production companies. Sharing the family with his inspirations, both supportive of him, he could not have asked for anything more than their love and care. They were known to give him the encouraging credits for his acting latter directing skills. He is said to have attended and graduated from the Taylor Allderdice High School in the year 1983 and the rest of his schooling was in latter schools that were West Virginia State University. A production company made sure to see him evolve as an amateur director and artist.

A did into his career, Fuqua had a very young age when he aspired to become a military fighter pilot but like took an unusual turn. He then got the interest to direct and did so, first with the music videos with some of the popular artists like Prince and Toni Braxton and this early start was just a glimpse of the industry which later had him last long, even till this date. He has said to become the most proclaimed directors of the industry and is in continuous work for his goal. A career in which the best known work played its part, Fuqua was considered “A New Competition’ to have landed his steps in the movie-making indusry. During his star-studded career as director, he did leave his mark in several of the famous hits such asTears of the Sun, King Arthur, Shooter and the most successful and critically acclaimed Olympus Has Fallen. It was not long that his directing career was further improvised and the famous of the producers had him feature in their movies as a director which is still a considerable attempt to attain fame. ‘Training Day’ a phenomenal hit with himself as the famous director is the most acclaimed of his work in his time and all was full honors when his part is just is not taken lightly even today. Then it was full speed for Fuqua as he got the appreciation and did get the worldwide recognition that he always wished and aspired for.

A professional life of relatively seldom struggles is one which is seeked after by the struggling writers of today and even the famed directors want to claim it as well and it is relative the personal one was the same. The sets of directing career did come of joy to the actor as he was married to Lena Rochon, a known actress in his reign in movies as they had been known to have a romantic link with each other. And the relationship was to last long as per the date of marriage of the couple had been experiencing some successful anniversaries and eventually they  were a match made in heaven. Then again Fuqua was able relate to his love for her in the year 2002, when he re-married her, an aspiring demeanor to express his love. The couple are claimed to have a son together.

Antoine Fuqua has come a long way to achieve success. This down-to-earth guy has had the awards and nominations on many different occasions and stages of his career. He wants the world to recognize him as one of the greats of his time and asks them to either love what they do or do what they love as he takes his career very seriously. He can be searched for his bio in wiki and other sites. Also he can be followed on twitter, facebook, and instragram where he is seen active.