Andrew Scott Zimmern(Andrew Zimmern) is an American television personality, chef, food writer and teacher. According to current estimation of his net worth has value of $5 million. 52 years old by age, Andrew celebrates his every birthday on July 4 and has healthy personality in the height of 1.80 m. His detailed information about his biography is already summarized in various biographic sites including wiki, which says he is married to his wife Rishia Hass but still he is always a centre part of rumors of him being a gay.

 He is the co-creator, host and consulting producer of the Travel Channel series Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Zimmern’s Bizarre World and Bizarre Foods America. He was born on July 4, 1961 in New York City. He is one of the most versatile men as a television personality. He is one of the few culinary explorers who have been distinguished by their works.

By age of 14, Andrew set off for his formal culinary training. Ever since he gained his grip over his sensation he has been known as the most ambitious young boy by nature. For his education he had joined Dalton School and graduated from Vassar College. Although he had to face many unproductive days in his life but he never lose his grip over his profession. Due to his addiction towards drinking, he had led towards alcoholism and also had to suffer the condition of being homeless. After that he had to go through hardship but still he never gave up his dedication towards the work. He believed, hardship is not the end of life but is the way to find new way in life to prove own potential.

To get over his addiction, he underwent through drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Minnesota. Once he got over his addiction his life was reset as like before and once again an ambitious man got alive. His work was highly praised as due to which his menu obtained the highest grading from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Mpls,

Apart from his career as a professional cook, he has a well built reputation as a prolific writer and has been contributing to several magazines continuously in different positions. He is also an independent journalist and has published remarkable work in several national and international publications. Besides that he has wide acclaim for his reaching radio career too. Being a radio host, he has hosted multiple shows and has gained wide popularity as a Food Court with Andrew Zimmern.

As his fame spread, he became the guest of honors of various national charity events. He has also tutored the world via delivering successive instructions about cooking. The enormous amount of wealth has came from his unconditional effort. Ever since he got his life after getting ruined by drugs, he has been working very hard and has been heading towards his destiny of success. Today he has proved that hard time comes in life but it has no power to ends the life rather than it motivates the one who wants to be something in their life.

Talking about his personal life, there is no much about him but on the basis of certain biographic sites he is a happily married man. He and his wife, Rishia with their son Noah are currently residing in Edina, Minnesota. The couple has been sharing happiness of life till the end without any complaining. On he basis of his married life anyone can say that the couple has no any probability of getting divorce.

The multitalented guy loves to get in touch with his fans and followers for which he constantly remains active on various sites as like twitter and other