Amy Spanger is one acclaimed and inspirational natured American actress as well as singer who possesses some extreme dancing moves as well. Born on the 24th of August, 1971, she earned her recognition as an actress for her heart-warming performance as Sally in the famous TV drama series Reefer Madness of the ABC that had her being recorded as a celebrity all thanks to her part to all of the episodes. Known formally as Amy, she has also been listed in the Golden Globe and Emmy award nominees as acclaimed for her role on Synecdoche, the featured hit and her portrayal of one peculiar woman as Rachael Lily Rosenbloom in the debut season of ‘And Don’t You Ever Forget It’ on notorious Broadway Bomb which was a suspense thriller. Her splendid work was a tribute to all of her inspirational and close ones and mostly her great-grandmother which needless to say further improved her acting skills. Born in the beautiful outskirts of Lynn, Massachusetts, Spanger is the daughter of a loving father involved in the sector of dentistry and one supportive mother who was an active guidance counselor. She grew up and had spent her childhood in Newbury, Massachusetts. There, she went onto attend the local High School. She is the only child to her two parents and follows Jewish cultures. Spanger has attended the Cejwin Camps, where she was active in appearing in many and numerous musical productions of theatre out of which Fiddler on the Roof got the likely appreciation and where she showcased her actual talent.

Digging into her career, Spanger had started to work as a club singer in many of the clubs like The Brothers and Sisters, Reno Sweeney and the Grand Finale. She has been starred on some hits like In Sunset Boulevard, Next Stop: Greenwich Village, and Jekyll & Hyde where she has been able to depict her raw talent which got acclaims of her critics. Her versatile nature saw her dissolve in both the supporting and lead roles of Law & Order where she was seen playing a dancer of a law school in the climax-determining episode. Spanger gave back-to-back hits either be Law & Order or Six Feet Under in which she portrayed her first ever leading role on the Tv screen. She had the praises to herself as “Radiant” and “Appealing” for her talented performances. Spanger’s feature in the CBS opera got her nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award. It was Outstanding Younger Actress award in an aired Drama Series in the year 2001.

 She got appreciated with the title of “Best Supporting Performance” for a minor role in the then hit Law & Order.  A role as Sally in the comedy/series “Reefer Madness” saw Spanger makes her herself count as a supporting actress. Her uphill success had her release an album entitled to Love in the year 2007. It was in 2008 that saw Spangere evolve in acting field as she took on the Off Broadway performances and lend her voice for the Don Bluth Film entitled ‘Rock of Ages, as of Priscilla Presley character. Spanger also had her appearance in the New York Public Theater productions of ‘Next to Normal’ and the famous ‘Feeling Electric’ play which are based on the writings of the great Shakespeare. She also managed to have a guest appearance on CBS' ‘Bored to Death’ as the initial captivator Kara, again one replenishing as well as satisfying role. In the late August of 2012, Spanger had the opportunity to flourish again as being cast for a regular role on ABC's ED, a brand new acclaimed series, as one social specialist.

Spanger is said to make her appearance as hot with an amazing body measurements of about 34-26-35. With an expected age of 42 at present, Spanger has been seen rocking a bikini on so as when enjoying a local beach visit. With the estimated height being 5'7'' long fine legs and great feet are major attributes and currently weighing at about 52kgs or 124lb, her devine nad immortal belief is in her Jewish religion. Many of her bio contain the wanted information of her being married to actor and husband Brian Shepard who is said support her selflessly and the couple has one son together.

An ever-hopeful lady, Amy Spanger has her her salary depending on the amount if work load that she puts into the work and her net worth is not yet cited. She can be seen engaged online via Facebook and twitter.