Widely recognized as the no.1 sleight of hand artist in the world, Shin Lim, is an Asian magician based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Born in Canada and raised in Singapore by mother, Mabel, Shin was fascinated by music since an early age.

When he was 6, his grandmother bought him a violin and as per his father’s decision, he had to practice the violin at least 15 minutes a day.

One day, his father returned to find the violin broken on the floor. Lim later admitted that he had smashed it.

His family moved to Acton, Australia, when he was 11 and because Shin and his mother hated the educational system, he was home schooled.

After moving to the US, Shin took piano lessons hoping to turn it into a career as it was the thing that helped him express his emotions.

His mother, Mabel said that he would leave his teachers in tears during his practice sessions.

He later joined Lee University School of Music, but a diagnosis with carpal tunnel syndrome at the end of his first year changed his life.

After he couldn’t continue with Lee University curriculum, he was left with two choices, either music or magic, and he chose the latter.

Shin was first introduced to card deck magic when his older brother, Yi, showed him a YouTube clip about a slip force magic trick.

He was instantly obsessed with magic, practicing eight hours a day and later started performing at small magic events.

In July 2012, Shin took part in World Championships of Magic, the triennial championships held by FISM.

Though he finished sixth, Shin didn’t give up and later joined a 23-city tour through China.

This is where he eliminated talking from his performance and started using music to do the talking.

Shin’s performance in The CW’s Penn & Teller: Fool Us’ earned him unfathomable recognition, with his YouTube video earning over 40m views.

Since then, he has been performing in various locations spreading through 40 different countries.

He recently appeared in the 13th season of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ where he shocked everyone with his sleight of hand.

Apart from his professional life, Shin is happily engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Casey Thomas.

The couple frequently shares their cute pictures on their respective Instagram accounts.

Over the course of his ‘Magical’ career, he has won several awards, including North American FISM, IBM People’s Choice Award for Best Close-Up Magician and World Teen Champion for Close-Up Magic.