Amber Jaeger is an American actress, known for her movies like “Take Me Home (2011)”, “Hearts and Hotel Rooms (2007)” and “The Three Stages of Stan (2003)”. Amber Jaeger was born as Amber Marie Mellott. She has been married to Sam Jaeger since August 25, 2007. She has been very famous for her brilliant acting skills. Till the date her actual biography has not yet summarized by any particular site. Her performance is always regarded as confident and strong among other celebrities.

Turning to her personal profile, detailed information about her personal life including her date of birth and education background still lies in disguise from her fans and followers. It seems they have to wait for longer time to know about her in detail. Apart from  her own acting line, she has been famous as a wife of actor Sam Yeager. Hence by the time, her real identification had been related to her husband Sam. But at present she seems to quite busy in making her own reputation among her fans and followers.

Talking about her acting line, she has been seen in various movies like “Take Me Home”, “Solitary”, “Shiloh Falls”, “Hearts and Hotel Rooms”, “Advantage Hart”, “Quiz Bowl”, “Lust, Love and Repetition” and “My Life With Morrissey”. Apart from her big screen films, she has been successful on theatre films as like “How I Learned to Drive”, “The Levee”, “Comedy of Errors”, “And Then They Came For Me”, “Syncopation”, “Arcadia”, “Steel Magnolias”, “Proposals”, “Moonchildren” etc.

Turning back to her personality as an actress, she is famous for her beautiful face and body language. Her matured looking expression always catches eyes of huge audience. She met her husband Sam Jeager while they were working together on the film “Take Me Home”. She married Sam Jaeger on August 25, 2007 at Crockett's Run Resort in Logan, Ohio in an outdoor, double-ring ceremony. Ever since then they have been seen together. By the present time, they have already married to each other and living their lives together. The couple seems really happy and satisfied with each other as there are no any controversies related to their lives. They are happy couple and at present time. Although they got married in 2007 but still there is no any particular information about having any child. But as they are happy till now, hence any further news from the couple can be expected in coming future for sure.

There is no further information about her indoor life but as long as she continues to establish her self in acting line, her information will be updating on every succeeding day. Hence her fans and followers has to wait with patience. Apart from her acting line, she is also connected to different social lines in order to be in touch with her fans and well wishers. By the present time, she is connected with her fans via facebook. Hence her curious fans and followers can easily get in touch with her.

On the matter of sharing information with media, she has been very confidential since a long time. but as her success steps forward, her actual information will be focused more often than ever. Till the end she has been known as a wife of Sam Yeager but her effort till the end has perfect determination to take her individual identification to new height as like other well established celebrities.

At present time, her well explicable life detail has not yet included in Wikipedia but her new effort in acting line will lead her information to be included in those sites. She has been working hard and till the date even her well wishers are giving appropriate encouragement to her.