Alison Doody is an Irish actress and also an active model who was born on the 11th of November in the year 1966. She is notably known for the role for the movie A View to Kill. The movie is the Bond series which was released in the year 1985. She had done a small part in the movie. She was born in Dublin, Ireland and is the daughter of Joan who was a beauty therapist while her father Patrick used to work in a property business and also in the farm. When she was a child she went to the Mount Anville Secondary School. Her best performance that the audiences still complement today is from the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade which was a 1989 hit movie. She played the role of an archaeologist, Elsa Schneider.

When she was in her late teen she was approached by a photographer which helped her to give a try in her modeling career. Later she made her career into commercial modeling. While she was on with her career she had not been involved in glamorous work or some nudity. She had been avoiding those things and later she got to improvise herself when she turned her career into acting as well. When she did the small role in A View To Kill she did the role of Jenny Flex and she was also 18 years at that time. She was later appointed for the new actor by John Willis’ Screen world. Doody is also regarded as the youngest girl to feature in the Bond movies. Her next appearance was shortly seen in the movie A Prayer for the Dying which had the star cast of Mickey Rourke and she did the role of Siobhan Donovan as an IRA member. Going on with her acting career she has appeared in the television series of The Secret Garden in the year 1987 where she had a non-speaking role. She featured in the television series as Lilias, who is Archibald Craven’s Wife.

She had her debut lead role in the year 1988 when she got the chance to do the episodes of The Storyteller. The series was categorized by Jim Henson which was a fantasy series and Doody did the role of Sapsorrow. She had an opposite cast of John Hurt, Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French. Then later she played opposite to Pierce Brosnan in the movie Taffin. Her role is still considered as one of her high profile role. Her role as Elsa Schneider in the Indiana Jones movie had the opposite role of Harrison Ford. The movie had also the appearance of Sean Connery who played the role of Indie’s father. She has done movies with all the listed actors who had also been featured in the James Bond movies. She paced up her career as she had an opposite role to Charlie Sheen in the movie Major League in the year 1994 and did the role of Flannery. Her latest act can be seen in the 2011 comedy drama Beaver Falls.

Alison Doody got married to Gavin O’Reilly who is the CEO of Independent News & Media on the 25th of June in the year of 1994 in O’Reilly’s residence named Castlemartin. The couple has got two daughters, Alanna who was born in the year 1996 and Lauren who was born in 1999. Doody got apart from her husband in the year 2004 and was finally divorced in the year 2006. Later it was reported that Doody had been secretly dating Douglas De Jager where she met him during the filming of Beaver Falls in South Africa. It had been a sudden attack to Doody as De Jager died of heart attack in the year 2012 during the month of July.