The six feet five inch tall man having 108 kg weight with muscular body who appears on a mask with the symbol of a double headed eagle in WWE matches is Alberto Del Rio. He is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It’s his second reign over the title. Additionally, he is a former two time WWE Champion, 2011 Royal Rumble Winner and also 2011 Money in the Banker (RAW) winner. His real name is Alberto Rodriguez.
Del Rio was born in the family wrestlers in San Luis Potosi, Mexico on May 25, 1977. His father Dos Caras was a famous luchador. His uncles were also involved in professional wrestling. He acquired a degree in Architecture from Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi. 
Influenced by family environment Del Rio started training the Greco-Roman style wrestling under Leonel Kolesni and Juan Fern’andez. Rodriguez was selected in the Mexican national wrestling team to compete in 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney achieving notable success prior to that. He had been third at the World Junior Championship in the Czech Republic in 1997, was three times champion at the Central American and Caribbean Games and had won a medal at the Pan American Games. Unfortunately, Mexico didn’t send the wrestling team to Sydney due to financial problems.
Following that, Rodriguez began training with his father to become a professional wrestler. Meanwhile he also helped in the family business. Dos Caras Jr. made a surprise entry to the wrestling world. He first appeared in the scenario to save his father during as Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion (AAA) show on May 9, 2009. He made his formal debut on September 29, 2000 teaming up with Sangre, Chicana, ElAlebrije and La Parka Jr to beat Los Consagrados i. e. a team of El Texano, Pirata Morgan, Espectro Jr and El Cobarde at the AAA event. After that, he travelled through Mexico and Japan competing as well as gaining experience simultaneously. Next he was fetched by Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) in 2005. He won the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship title in 2007. Amid the rumor of his transfer to WWE, he played at CMLL till 2010.
Finally, Del Rio entered the WWE with a bang defeating Ray Mysterio. The Mexican aristocrat remained superb while winning 2011 Royal Rumble. He outlasted the other 39 in the 40 men rope over match. The same year he also won Mr. Money in the Bank Ladder Match to become the first one to win both the titles in the same year. On August 14 at Summerslam , he scored a pinfall victory over CM Plunk, who had just defeated John Cena in the WWE Championship title match, as such he became the WWE Champion. He lost the title to John Cena on September 18, just to regain it on October 2 defeating Cena and Punk in a Hell in a Cell match. On January 8, 2013 he won the World Heavyweight Championship defeating Big Show. Since then he has defended the title.
Del Rio has made a unique identity of his own. He wears a white scarf around his neck while coming to the ring, is masked under a double headed eagle mask, enters from behind the stage in luxurious cars such as Lamborghini, Mercedes, Bentley, Rolls Royce and others. He is known by different names like Alberto Banderas, Dorado, Dos Caras Jr., etc. the theme of his name Dos Caras is Two Faces, might be with and without mask.
Del Rio is thirty years of age. He is married. He is enjoying his personal life with his wife and son. He has no girlfriend and there’s no possibility of his divorce. He makes a good earning, he has amassed a net worth of $6 million over the years. He resides in Tampa, Florida in United States.
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