An active and passionate lady and also the lady luck behind the success for the famous SportsNet Media, Alanna Rizzo is one renowned TV journalists known to the world. Currently, active in hosting some relative episodes of Sports News, this lady is considered an investigative news magazine of journalism with a title of Rizzo. Alanna Rizzo is one the most versatile TV-achors known to the Sportscating world at present. She is considered so as she was an active news anchor for the TV-show Intentional Talk, for the MLB News Channel and was the most viewed host to the MLB Report Weekend. She covered these stories just during weekends being Saturday and Sunday nights. Rizzo had some keen interest on making reports and then reporting the relative content to people in and around her home. The city of Colorado saw her evolve her as a reporter as she was active in winning many of the awards for her brilliant and extraordinary reporting talent. Her mother along with her father did not fall behind to support their daughter. Alanna completed her graduation from University of Colorado located at Boulder Hill. She did receive a M.A. degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Prior to joining with the MLB News Channel in the year 2012, Rizzo worked for the Rocky Mountain as a preferred host of its so called "Special Edition." Her official debut at the Mountains was said to be in the month of April as the host and anchor of "Newsfront." She had also worked for broadcast stations from the interval of 2009 to 2011, where she actively served as the anchor for some weekend aired programs, such like "Quick Pitch," and "Hot Stove," as well as "World View," and also "The World Today." She, as for her skills, interned for the weekend-morning anchor in the WSB-TV of Colorado and successfully did the occasionally-aired weekend edition of the acclaimed ‘Today’ for the Fox. Rizzo also hosted the one highly rated by the media, "The Club", a weekend edition of MLB and seen weekly on considerable number-one rated cable program also of Fox "The Intentional Factor." She was also the first choice reporter for "ALD Series," and "The Fox Report, Pregame Editions not forgetting the "Thursday Night Baseball". Apart from this, she did serve as the first-ever voice for the official launch of MLB News Radio in the year 2011 and has also anchored an evening-time news update as in her active period for several years. Most recently, Rizzo made a all-back appearance once again on the sets of MLB’s “MLB Tonight”, after her arrest case, which saw her as a guest to discuss the just attained victory of subsequently better teams, a reporter and one active panelist.

Rizzo is secretive regarding her personal life and not much is known about this inspiring lady. Now she is said to be running at the age of 44, Rizzo still has a noticeable height of 6’ 3’’ with long and fine legs and great feet and her sensual hot pictures are easily accessible on the internet. Her body measurements are not cited in any of her bios but as said this attractable lady is able to flaunt almost everything even a bikini. She married her husband Justin Kole in a grand fashion but the couple could not last long and divorce was inevitable.

An ever-versatile and newscaster by heart, Alanna Rizzo has her salary depending on the amount if work load that she puts into the workwhich just has her as one of the most remarkable women to have entered the news casting career and taken it to a new height. She can be seen engaged online via Facebook and twitter.