DJ Arch competed on America’s Got Talent: The Champions on Jan 21 with other 9 acts. Though he didn’t make it through to the finals, he got an amazing response from the judges that many talents thrive to get. Here’s what you need to know about the “Youngest DJ of the World.”

SA’s Got Talent Winner

Dj Arch Jnr playing sound mixing instrument

Born on May 3, 2012, in Johannesburg, South Africa, as Oratilwe AJ Hlongwane, DJ Arch first gained recognition after his mixes went viral on YouTube. He later competed on SA’s Got Talent in 2015 and won the show becoming the youngest member to win the series.

Love for Music

DJ Arch Jnr playing mixes on sound mixing equipment

He is just 6 but he got inclined towards DJing when he was a toddler. He started composing sounds when he was just 8 months old. After his father discovered his interest, he bought him an iPad Mini. His skills were honed gradually after he played on DJ apps, and here is today, playing for live audiences.

Guinness World Record Holder

DJ Arch Jnr holding the certificate of Gunniess World Record as the World's Youngest Club DJ

The 6-year-old was determined to become the World’s Youngest Club DJ ever when he won SA’s Got Talent in 2015. At the age of 5 years and 38 days, DJ Arch got the title after he playing to an audience of 100 people at a Platinum Lounge Bar in Cosmo City, Johannesburg. The proud dad of DJ Arch, Glen said,

Oratilwe doesn’t just have the skills for DJing, but also has the style to go with it. He really enjoys playing in front of a crowd and enjoys every moment on the decks. I am over the moon that he is now officially the world’s youngest club DJ.

AGT: The Champions Contestant

DJ Arch Jnr holding mic in his right hand on the stage of AGT: The Champions

DJ Arch competed on AGT: The Champions with 9 other acts, all winners and finalist of different versions of Got Talent franchise on January 21, 2019. DJ Arch is the only act to perform on the show from SA’s Got Talent about which his father shared,

The fact that he got chosen and is the first South African to get chosen for this competition is a big enough achievement on its own.

Got a Deal from Simon Cowell?

DJ Arch Jnr on hoverboard

Simon Cowell is someone very hard to be pleased, but DJ Arch did that with ease during his phenomenal performance on AGT: The Champions. The music mogul was so impressed with the young star’s performance that he said,

You and I need to be talking after this show because I got plans for you.

Simon, who recently signed a record deal with AGT season 13 finalist, Courtney Hadwin, might have some similar plans with DJ Arch Jr. as well.