Adam Charles Goldberg currently aged 43 was born in October 25, 1970. He is an American actor, musician, a producer and directs movie as well. Adam was born in California in Santa Monica. His mother was Donna and his father Earl Goldberg is a former lifeguard. Earl was Jewish while his mother is a non-practicing Roman Catholic of 4 nationalities descent which were Mexican, French, Irish and German. He has a dog named Digger whom he lives with in Los Angeles.

His career started off when he did his major role in Mr. Saturday Night. It was Billy Crystal’s film. Soon his tough act in Saving Pirate Ryan made up his career which was released in 1998. He played several lead characters in the Fox series like Head Cases and The Hebrew Hammer in 2005. Other roles was supporting role that he acted in. His remarkable roles comprise Jerry, the undead servant in the supernatural movie The Prophecy. He gave his vocal talent in movies like Babe:Pig in the city also including cartoons like Eek! The Cat.  He has also appeared in a documenatry filmed by Flaming Lips. Some of the television projects where he contributed are Scotch and Milk and I Love Your Work which he wrote down, produced and edited it. The director of the project was he himself. He is fascianted with other’s life so sometimes he ends up making movie about other’s life. He is obsessed with success so he likes to have more fame than to have less. He was featured in three episodes of Friends playing the role as Eddie, Chandler’s roommate. Some other shows in which he appeared are Joey, The Unusuals and NYC 22. About his music career he plays in LANDy, a group name. Their debut album was released on June 23, 2009. Adam gave a performance in June 7 2011 as a lead singer for the group The Goldberg Sisters. They performed “Shush” in a reality show called The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. His versatality in his acting and the way of presenting during his directory has made him stand in a very stable way. His works for both dramatic and comedy has been a significant work in the Hollywood.

In an interview Adam also talked about his tattoos. He said that he got those tattoos from Mark Mahoney, a tattoo artist in LA. Mark is currently in engaged with Shamrock Social Club. Adam admits that Mark is the best tattoo artist who does black and grey tattoo in LA. His tattoos is as unique as his qualities. He has got only some of his parts inked but that makes him more alien which helps in his acting as well as the directing work.  He has a height of 5ft and 11 inches whose star sign is scorpio. At this age he is not officially married but lives with his dog in LA. It was also rumoured that Adam Goldberg had two children and a wife which he did not publicly talked about.

Adam Goldberg is one of the talented and experienced person in Hollywood, whose all the activities related to the movies or his personal behaviour is conventional to every person who is acknowledged to him. There are many fans who praises his each and every work. Adam Goldberg’s detailed information can be looked up in the google or wiki or any other search engines. Some people might get confused as his name clashes with another Adam Goldberg who is a football player. He can also be followed up in the twitter or his updates an be seen in facebook and other social networking sites.