Adam Dunn whose birthname is Adam Troy Dunn was born on November 9 1979. He was nicknamed as Big Donkey for his play. He is an American baseman, designated hitter and an outfielder who plays for the Chicago White Sox. He is the Major League Baseball first baseman for his team. He was born in Houston, Texas where he started his career. The baseball player is best known for his left-handed batting and throwing from his right hand. When he used to attend New Caney High School in Texas he used to be placed at standout quarteback.  Cincinnati Reds drafted Dunn after he completed his high school in the second round of Major League Baseball Draft which was held in 1998. At first he made a commitment to play for the University of Texas at Austin. He had commited to play football for the team. He had to do a double timing as there was a deal between Adam and the Reds. They agreed to a point that he would play the minor league baseball during the summerfall. And after the summer he would have to return Austin in August to prepare football. In te play of his baseball career, he was moved to the tight end position. This move resulted him to leave and carry on his baseball play which was in 1999.

His amateur career helped him in his personal life as well as career. He has a good play along with his discipline which led him to play as the major league leaders every season. He has not achieved a good rating for his batting performance but his overall career performance has topped .360 of which he had .240 for batting. His 13.96 ratio which is equivalent to one home run every fourteen time of batting has only been surfaced by some professional good baseball players. Having an American nationality, he has been admired by every baseball players around the world. His debut on July 20, 2001 which was also his major debut set a National League record in August. He hit 12 at that time. He had his career flourished in the 2004 when his batting average was .266, his home runs 46, runs as 105, hits being 151, sludging average as .569 and OPS as .957. These all records had made him a career flourishing player. On 2007 October 31 he was announced the highest-paid player on the team with $13 million. When he was an option. He also won the Ohio Cup MVP on June 29 2008 where he went 6 for 20 in the game which was of six series with the total of 10 RBI and 5 homeruns. Dunn joined the team for United States on March 1 2009 for the 2009 World Baseball Classic. Although he had a good reputation for his gameplay he was listed as the worst fielder by Ultimate Zone Ratings in the Major Leagues.  Dunn would be moving to first base for the 2006 season. He also included that he would not play the first base. His salary was also attractive which was due to his play in the field which was $14 million in 2012. It was reported that hes has a net worth of $500 million. He is regarded as one of the richest player in the Hollywood.

Having a height of 6 ft and 6 inches the baseball player was married to his wife, Rachel Brown. Rachel is from Kentucky. They got a son named Brady. They also got another son and a daughter. Apart from baseball. Adam Dunn also featured in a movie called Dallas Buyers Club which was released in 2013 where he acted a role as a bartender. He is also one of the investor in the movie. His other details can be found in search sites and can be followed up in twitter.