A Canadian nationality holder, Adam Beach is also known by the name of Saulteaux actor on the basis of his ethnicity, among his fans. He is best known for his remarkable roles as Victor in Smoke Signals, Tommy in Walker Texas Ranger, Kickin’ Wing in Joe Dirt. On the basis of little information available about his entire biography from various sites, he is 1.87 m in height and is a divorced man living with his three kids. Very famous actor is also available in twitter and other sites in order to be in touch with his fans.

Born on November 11, 1972 (Age 41) in Ashern Manitoba belongs to Saulteaux ethnicity and holds Canadian nationality by his birth. He has spent his early age with his two brothers on the Lake Manitoba/Dog Creek First nation Reserve at Lake Manitoba. He has one sad memory about his mother, which he still remembers as if he never got over it. His 8 month pregnant mother was killed by a truck driver when he was 8 years old. He wasn’t recovered from the grief of his mother’s death while after few days his father was found drowned in nearby village. Death of his father is still a mystery, whether he was dead by his own will or it was just an accident. After losing both parents, Adam and his two brothers went to live with their grandmother. He spent 4 years with his grandmother from the age of 8 years. After 5 years of their parent’s death, the three brothers went to live with an aunt and uncle (Agnes and Chris Beach). Adam still honors his uncle as his dad. For his educational background, he had attended a drama class Gordon Bell High School. While he was in his high school he had already began performing in local theatre productions, and eventually dropped out of school just to get the role at the Manitoba Theatre for Young people.

To say formally, his career had already begun from his age of 8, by that age he had won role in the miniseries Lost in the Barrens, which was based upon the Farley Mowat novel. From the same year he had started to work in local theatre and guest-starred on television shows like Walker, Texas Ranger and Touched by an Angel. He was nominated at the Sundance Film, for his extraordinary performance in Dance Me Outside. After his initial success in film industry he was encouraged by his own effort and decided to work in different types of films including thriller.

He is so much serious about his acting profession that he is always ready to do anything that his film acquires from him. He has learned various languages as well, it just because his film had the role which needed him to learn for an ease. very talented and multi skill holder, Adam got big hit in his career from the movie Smoke Signals. In 2006, he had lost his grandmother and his best friend but he didn’t let the grief cover his ability for his movies.

He is the man, who has played many meaningful relationship characters throughout his entire acting career. The movie Flags or our Fathers had made him to win two Academy Awards and also he was nominated for multiple Best Supporting Actor honors.  His career in film industry holds many successive stories which has been explained in different biographic sites including wiki. The one can go through it to get more clear information about his life.

Now talking about his personal life, he is 41 year old man with perfect height of 1.87 m. He has been divorced for multiple times as once from his first wife Meredith Porter on 2002 and later he got married to his second wife Tara Mason but even his second marriage life didn’t work well. no at present he is living his life with his three kids in Canada.

Very popular actor of Hollywood film industry is a random man but with peculiar skill with compare to other celebrities. He is always active in different social sites including twitter.