1. Richard is an American entrepreneur and owner of the famous Gas Monkey Garage.

2. Aaron Kaufman is a talented mechanic who worked for Richard’s Gas Monkey Garage.

3. Together, they appeared in the Discovery reality TV car show Fast N’ Loud.

4. Aaron Kaufman and Richard Rawlings were what seemed heart and brains of Gas Monkey Garage and Fast N’ Loud.

5. Richard found Aaron working at a garage when he went to air ride his ’53 Ford Marine.

6. Aaron worked on Richard’s car when he asked for their top mechanic for the job.

7. When Richard opened Gas Monkey Garage years later, he remembered the self-taught mechanic genius, Aaron.

8. Together, they took on every challenge the auto repair industry had to offer.

9. The two worked for fourteen years in the garage, restoring all kinds of automobiles.

10. Their show Fast N’ Loud debuted on Discovery on June 6, 2012 and the latest episode aired on February 27, 2017. 

11. The show revolved around the lives of Richard, Aaron and everything they built in their garage.

12. In fact, they restored so many cars in such less time that Aaron found it difficult to keep up.

13. He had commented that, on some occasions, the pressure to build a car in a few weeks took a toll on him.

14. Aaron was also working on a separate project all along and announced that he was quitting on the last episode of season 9.

15. The famous bromance came to an end after 14 years in GMG and nine seasons of ‘Fast N’ Loud.’

16. ‘Fast N’ Loud’ completed it’s season 10 on Nov. 20, 2017 and Richard also appeared in a new show, ‘Garage Rehab’ in 2017.

17. After leaving GMG, Aaron launched his own fabrication company called Arclight Fab where he manufactures parts for F-100 trucks.

18. Aaron’s new show, Shifting Gears, which will feature his company, is set to premiere on March 5, 2018.