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Nancy Shevell

The gorgeous, talented and stunning Nancy Shevell was born in 1959. It is hard to believe that she is currently at the age of 54. She was born and brought up in New Jersey. Nancy belongs to a business...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 5 2014

Vinnie Politan Biography

Vinnie Politan is a journalist who is best known for hosting “Prime news with Vinnie Politan” aired on HLN and HLN Special Report and In Session on TruTV back in 2009. Prior to becoming a Televisi...Read more

Lowri Turner | Biography

Very beautiful, stunning and intelligent Lowri Turner had set herself as a professional TV presenter, journalist, nutritional therapist and hypnotherapist. She celebrates her birthday on 31st December...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 5 2014

Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School is one of the law school in the United States which has got the official approval from the American Bar Association. The main campus of the law ...Read more

By: My How Book | Education | Aug 7 2014

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, ‘Pittsburgh Technical Institute (PTI)’ is one of the best technical institutes of United States. It is a private two-year college which offers various ‘...Read more

By: My How Book | Education | Aug 19 2014

Ryan Higa ~ Biography

Ryan Higa is famous American You Tube celebrity with You Tube user name “Nigahiga” which has about 3 million subscribers. He is an actor and producer known for Agents of secrets and Ninja Melk, Ry...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Jack Harries ~ Biography

Jack Harries is an English Vlogger and former child actress, who was born in 13th may 1993. He was born in London, England. Jack is the son Andy Harries and Rebecca Frayn. His father Andy Harries is t...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Located in Brooklyn, New York, USA, ‘Kingsborough Community College (KBCC) is a community college which was established in 1963. It is operating its administrative function as a part of ‘City Univ...Read more

By: My How Book | Education | Aug 22 2014

Julia Mancuso ~ Biography

Julia Mancuso nicknamed as “Super Jules” is a World Cup alpine ski racer with the USA ski team who was born in March 9, 1984, in Reno, Nevada but she spent most of her childhood in Kauai, Hawaii a...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Amrita Acharia ~ Biography

Amrita Acharia is a young, charismatic Norwegian Actress. She has firmly established herself as a successful actress through her well famous role Irri in the 1st two season of Game of thrones. With no...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014


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