Dwayne Johnson Miami Hurricanes

Dwayne Johnson was also the part of Miami Hurricanes in the University as he got scholarship (full) to play defensive tackle in the team. He is known as promising football tackle as he play for the team Miami Hurricane in 1991 which was National Championship team. He was promising football star as he was offered to play football in many Division 1 football team. He had an injury and could not play football thus been replaced by, Warren Sapp who became the NFL star (National Football League). After he was thrown away from NLF because of injury he played in Canadian football League for Calgary Stampedes in 1995. After playing with his tam Stampedes on CFL for few months, he was again brought Miami Orange ball on November 2007 so that he could do participation in the festivities that would surround the University of Miami’s football stadium that was last football game played by Dwayne Johnson in that stadium. Dwayne Johnson has few relatives who plays football. His brother named Kai Maiava is recently playing at ULCA & a nephew named kaluka Maiava who used to play at USC.

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The Rock
The Rock

The Rock is a professional wrestler who was renown from WWF & WWE , named Dwayne Douglas Johnson at birth is also an American actor. He was born on May 2nd, 1972 in California, US. Dwayne Johnson got selected in National Championship Team from Univer...Read more


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