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Bill   Hemmer

Bill Hemmer's Facts

Name : Bill Hemmer
Date of Birth : November 14, 1964
Nationality : American
Profession : Journalist, Television anchor
Working for : Fox News Channel
Education : Bachelor’s of Arts in Broadcast Journalism
Education at : Miami University
Salary : $400 thousand per year
Net Worth(s) : $3 million
Name on Birth : $3 million

The handsome and audacious Bill Hemmer is an American journalist, television host and news anchor. Currently he is working for Fox News Channel as the co-host of America’s Newsroom. He had joined the channel in August 2005. At Fox he also recognized as the host of other shows  American Morning, Fox Online, America’s Election. He also covers news from various places. Born on November 14, 1964 in Cincinnati, Ohio in United States, he was named William George Hemmer at birth. He is the middle child among five children of William R. Hemmer, a mattress executive and Georganne M. Knitte, a former high school teacher. He is a high school graduate from Elder High School in Cincinnati. He graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio wit Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Broadcast Journalism. He always wanted to work in broadcasting and later pursued his career in the same.

Bill prior to joining Fox, had spent ten years at CNN as an and a correspondent. He co-anchored American Morning, along with CNN  Tonight, CNN Early Edition, CNN Morning News, and CNN Live Today. While at CNN he reported the death of Pope John Paul II live from Vatican City in 2005, covered both the Democratic and Republic Convention in 2004. He was stationed in Kuwait to cover Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. Bill also reported the mining accident live from Somerset, Pennsylvania in 2002. Other high tension reports includes coverage of Timothy McVeigh execution, aftermath of September11 attack in 2001, recount of US Presidential election in 2000, Middle East tension of 2000. He also covered the 1996 Olympic bombing attack in Atlanta. He won several awards including 1996 Emmy Award for the coverage.

Bill had begun his career as an intern at WMUB-FM. He also gained experience through internship at WOXY-FM and Cincinnati’s NBC affiliate as well. As a professional, he worked at WLWT-TV first as sports production, to be switched to sports anchor. After that he was drafted by WPCO-TV, a CBC affiliate to work as the weekend sports anchor. Following that he took a break. He travelled through China, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Israel, and Eastern Europe during the period. Returning back he joined CNN. Bill had shown an early interest in broadcasting, running a fifteen minutes radio program before classes at school.

Working for FCN, he has made significant contribution. He has covered the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, 2006 Israel-Lebanon unrest, the Iraq war, visit of Pope Benedict XVI to United States, aftermath of London terrorist attack in 2005. He interviewed 2008 Presidential Election candidate Barak Obama. Bill also holds the credit of the live coverage of the Democratic National Convention from Charlotte and the Republic National Convention from Tampa in 2012 and played as instrumental role in monitoring FNC’s Billboard. Most recently he covered the Boston Marathon bombing. He has also covered the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting tragic from Newtown and 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Bill is undoubtedly one of the most demanded journalists of today’s time. The extremely handsome guy has a large women fan base. Apparently his look too holds a tremendous amount of credit for his success. He is forty years of age and still has the charm to let women go gaga over him. His photos are well circulated in the internet. The shirtless pics have dragged a lot of attention. Rumor flew around about his sexuality. A lot was speculated that he was a gay but through his program itself he has admitted that he has a girlfriend, thus disproving the rumors. The lucky girl is supposed to be Dara Tomanovich. One day we may receive the news that he is engaged, got married and is spending a blissful life with his wife.

Bill has travelled a long considerate distance in his career. His success can be measured by the net worth the handsome anchor has accumulated over the years. His annual salary is $400 thousand and has a net worth of $3million. Sincere and hard working Bills certainly deserves the height of success he has climbed to. Other information and his bio can be obtained from wiki and other sources. His fans can remain close to him on Twitter and facebook too.


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