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Skylar Astin Bio

Young dashing actor, Skylar AstinLipstein simply known as “Skylar Astin” is best recognized in American entertainment world for his spectacular performance as Jesse Swanson in musical movies ‘Pitch Perfect’ and ‘Pitch Perfect 2’....Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jun 7 2016

Natasha Lyonne Bio

Adorable and pretty looking lady of American entertainment Universe, Natasha Bianca LyonneBraunstein popularly known as “Natasha Lyonne” is a well-known American actress. Natasha Lyonne is widely known for her brilliant performance as Jessica in ...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jun 7 2016

Kaya Scodelario Bio

Pretty looking young actress, Kaya Rose Humphrey better known as “Kaya Scodelario” is a well-known American actress. Kaya Scodelario is widely recognized for her phenomenal performance as EffyStonem in British teen drama series ‘Skins’. In ad...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jun 7 2016

Teairra Mari Bio

Truly blessed talent of singing and acting fraternity, Teairra Maria Thomas better known as “Teairra Mari” is a well famed American singer, dancer and actress. Teairra Mari claimed to fame with the release of songs ‘Make Her Feel Good’ and ...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jun 6 2016

Noelle Foley Bio

Smoking hot “Noelle Foley” is a daughter of former WWE superstar, Mick Foley. Currently, Noelle Foley is working as a television presenter for ‘WWE’. She is also an aspiring model....Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jun 6 2016

Justin Theroux Bio

Dazzling, stylish personality of American movie industry, Justin Paul Theroux simply known as “Justin Theroux” is a well-known actor, director and screenwriter. Justin Theroux is widely recognized for his remarkable performance in the movies ‘M...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jun 6 2016

Julianne Hough Bio

Divergent and elegant lady, Julianne Alexander Hough known as “Julianne Hough” is a well-known American dancer, actress and singer. Julianne Hough is best recognized as two time winner of American dance reality competition show ‘Dancing with th...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jun 6 2016

Josie Canseco Bio

Josiphene Marie Canseco popularly known as “Josie Canseco” is an American model and television personality. Josie Canseco is best recognized for her appearance in American Lifetime reality Television show called ‘The Mother/ Daughter Experiment...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jun 6 2016

Mark Reynolds Bio

Amazingly talented sports player who have god gifted ability and skill, Mark Andrew Reynolds simply known as “Mark Reynolds” is a professional baseball first basemen. Mark Reynolds is best recognized for playing with ‘Colorado Rockies’ at Maj...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jun 5 2016

Shelby Miller Bio

Extra ordinary and highly skilled young sports personality, Shelby Charles Miller simply known as “Shelby Miller” is a well-known American professional baseball pitcher. Shelby Miller is widely known for playing as baseball pitcher for ‘Arizona...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jun 5 2016


Ryeli OB on Christina Cox Biography

Posted On: 17 Feb, 2016

Christina Cox has one child with her husband Grant. They have a daughter named Flynn.

Paul Bodnick on Fredricka Whitfield | Biography

Posted On: 23 Jan, 2016

Frederika is talented

Deb Morgan Meyers on Susan Lucci | Biography

Posted On: 08 Jan, 2016

This article has Luccis birth year as 1964 and her wedding date to Huber as 1969. This is either the result of poor fact finding or poor proof reading. Either way I have to question the skill of the author as a writer.

Kali Co on Jamie Colby | Biography

Posted On: 31 Dec, 2015

JamieIs absolutely a beautiful woman. I love her posture demeanor she is very smart. I would marry her is a heart beat. Jamie I Love you. I hope you are happy. I watch you when ever your on the best network FOX. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU Do LOVE You GIRL..

Arisha Khan on Serenay Sarikaya Biography

Posted On: 30 Nov, 2015

Me Arisha from Pakistan plz be my friend I am your biggest fan I listen your all song which you sing plz tell your phone number so I can talk with you which is you real ID plz reply me I you me Arisha

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