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Jen  Carfagno

Jen Carfagno

The beautiful and charming Jen Carfagno is the American meteorologist. At present she is associated with The Weather Channel, TWC. As a child, she always had the passion for weather forecast. She was fascinated by weather and clouds. And later, she p...Read more

By: Christine Powell | People | Jun 25 2013
Callie   Rivers

Callie Rivers

The stunning and gorgeous Callie Rivers is a professional Volleyball player. She is an American. She is the 90’s kid and was born and raised at Florida. She is the daughter of Glenn Rivers and his wife Kristen Rivers. Her father was a basketball pl...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jun 24 2013
David   Muir Bio

David Muir Bio

Prevalent and dashing personality of journalism field, David Jason Muir simply known as “David Muir” is an American television journalist and presenter. David is best recognized for his work association as an anchor for ABC News popular show ‘A...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jun 23 2013
Richard  Armitage

Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage is an actor by profession. He was born on August 22, 1971 at Leicester, England. His birth name is Richard Crispin Armitage as he was born on the death anniversary of King Richard III, so he was named after him. His age is forty one ...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jun 20 2013
Lesley  Visser

Lesley Visser

Lesley Visser is a television sports correspondent and a sports writer belonging to American nationality. She was born on 11 September at Quincy, Massachusetts. She is currently associated with CBS network’s sports branch.As a kid Visser was always...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jun 20 2013
Brit   Hume

Brit Hume

Brit Hume is a television correspondent specializing in politics. He was born on 22 June, 1943 in Washington D.C. He is currently associated with Fox New Channel (FNC) and is serving as a senior analyst regarding politics.Hume’s birth name is Alexa...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jun 18 2013
Becky   Anderson

Becky Anderson

Becky Anderson is a television correspondent who was born on November 15, 1967 at Manchester, England and she belongs to British nationality having Britain and North Ireland ethnicity. She is currently associated with CNN network and can be seen anch...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jun 18 2013
Ariel  Winter

Ariel Winter

Professionally known as Ariel Winter is a child/teen singer and actress belonging to American nationality. Her full name is Ariel Winter Workman. She was born on 28th January, 1988 at San Deigo, California. Her height is 1.63. She is currently acting...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jun 17 2013


Ryeli OB on Christina Cox Biography

Posted On: 17 Feb, 2016

Christina Cox has one child with her husband Grant. They have a daughter named Flynn.

Paul Bodnick on Fredricka Whitfield | Biography

Posted On: 23 Jan, 2016

Frederika is talented

Deb Morgan Meyers on Susan Lucci | Biography

Posted On: 08 Jan, 2016

This article has Luccis birth year as 1964 and her wedding date to Huber as 1969. This is either the result of poor fact finding or poor proof reading. Either way I have to question the skill of the author as a writer.

Kali Co on Jamie Colby | Biography

Posted On: 31 Dec, 2015

JamieIs absolutely a beautiful woman. I love her posture demeanor she is very smart. I would marry her is a heart beat. Jamie I Love you. I hope you are happy. I watch you when ever your on the best network FOX. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU Do LOVE You GIRL..

Arisha Khan on Serenay Sarikaya Biography

Posted On: 30 Nov, 2015

Me Arisha from Pakistan plz be my friend I am your biggest fan I listen your all song which you sing plz tell your phone number so I can talk with you which is you real ID plz reply me I you me Arisha

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