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Daniel Donatelli

<p><table> <tbody> <tr> <td> </td><td>&nbsp;</td> </tr></tbody></table> <br> Daniel Donatelli is a renowned regional manager and director who currently promotes and represents several products in SE Asia which address climate change, food security and information technology advances. Secure Supplies a Hong Kong company trust, that supports the survey, design consulting for his community projects or contract work is well known for its training and good free educational work Daniel leads. &nbsp;Daniel has been associated with the hydrogen Industry since 1997 and the tourism, hospitality food industry all of his life with his family establishing some of the first hotels and restaurants in the Northern Territory Australia. &nbsp; <p>Daniel gained huge fame from his work in SE Asia with the regional distribution of food soured from Australia and Eu DOP and the supply of raw chemical imports to farms in SE Asia from Arabia, Northern Asia and Australia leading him to the Hydrogen and chemical production industry work he does today to support healthy communities grow and build in sustainable ways. &nbsp;Now actively promoting and participating in farming and healthy community hydrogen fueling of fixed electrical power generation engines and hydrogen fueled water pumps/solar to solar farm conversion to products ROI from hydrogen production storage and distribution systems. &nbsp;Daniel continues to accept roles for regional business development from companies expanding in SE Asia. Recently completing further training in Solar Hydrogen storage and distribution solutions , power to gas and hydrogen fueled engines he is directly addressing &nbsp;the worlds Co2 and &nbsp;Nox emissions with a direct and &nbsp;particular focus &nbsp;around hospitality and food logistics.&nbsp; Daniel's date of birth has not been disclosed yet by any sources. However, he was born in Darwin Australia and is Australian in nationality descending from a prominent British/ Italian food supply families who migrated after the War. Daniel now lives and travelling for his passions globally. As per his education, he completed his graduation and the following technical skills were developed in the South Australian and Western Australia advanced Embassy trade and business export education systems. </p> <p><br> Putting light on his career journey, after completing his graduation, he started working in his 4 year apprenticeship as a chef and business development manager for his and other associated families in a la carte and retail businesses in Freemantle and Mandurah Western Australia. This hard working man secured a second job in the than emerging modern IT/PC industry by joining a import wholesale distributor of laptops and pcs. During this further 4 year assignment he advanced his knowledge of software development and effective business use, designing electronics, and supplying custom equipment for a variety of industries. &nbsp;</p> <p><b>It was all about Timing</b></p> <p>Daniel Career Change occurred in the prime of pc industry uptake and client team training programs and development of IT/PC after sales support services. Daniel mastered the skills of capital lease financing to lead the local industry department and State and several large teams and the sales teams and he than moved into corporate sales and he went on to work with several large vehicle and It/PC &nbsp;importers doing corporate &nbsp;leasing which was offered directly from his it work. &nbsp;Moving to Hong Kong at the height of the PC boom Daniel<span> became associated with a Ship to Shore and Media Broadcast up link operators who were leading the web interconnections via satellite and Daniel gained a position&nbsp; as a biller for regional communication programs for &nbsp;the Global Satellite leader Telenor. He is currently contributing to 2 separate IPTV products being developed and several channels based on this knowledge for the emerging Asean Iptv market using Telenor and several associated companies that make cloud computing possible. </span></p> <p>Daniel went on from Hong Kong to Represent Telenor in Thailand and expand his time investment in to chemical and Industrial mineral inputs to the Farming and Fertilizers a growing industry in Thailand and Asia. He went on to Join many Farming co operatives who used the products he was blending and importing and started representing in return trade fresh food products for regional sale and distribution. Daniel than Joined a major Boi Funded Food Importer in Southern Thailand to establish their warehousing ,cold store and haccp and distribution teams whilst establishing a family.</p> <p>He worked securing food supplies for local southern hotel resort population and Key Hotel chain Clients. During the Asian Tsunami as he was operating the Phuket Warehousing point and airport food schedules during that time and covered Regional Asean Security Meetings with food for the Likes of Hillary Clinton and other Regional Prime Ministers. </p> <p>Daniel than changed companies to further his career with more of a focus on leading Australian and USA Spanish Italian D.O.P &nbsp;exported products as a Regional Business Development Manager and Southern &nbsp;Asia GM . His client base expanded to all major resorts chains and cluster buying groups for major Super Markets, resort brands and sub distributors, Including Maritime Provisions and Military Supply. During this 7 Year Period Daniel had Support from some of the world leading Chefs, Companies and Celebrities to achieve a large portfolio of events and success stories.</p> <p>At that time, his responsibility was to run all operations, which included visiting and becoming familiar with farm and product producers in other countries, Export tracking qc and product monitoring. Import procedures right through to end users. Invoicing and monthly stock and collections was Handled including staff and logistics management.</p> <p>The ambitious man also contributed his hard work to ensuring local industry practice and standards where raised through the supply chain. He worked with Resort and Food Client Handling teams to ensure a GMP and HACCP program was implemented. As Regional General Manager, he worked to lead the industry and expand beyond Thailand Border to be regional Asia negotiating cluster buying with forecasting software with resort chains. His journey gained heights when he passed a 6 million PA dollar turn over for southern Thailand by establishing localized teams and distribution points to replicate his regional business development work and client direct service style into faster more agile teams. Daniel Advanced the Software and Management systems employing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Invoicing software across all staff Pcs and mobile points in his distribution areas this was something that changed the food supply industry at the time.&nbsp; In SE Asia , he served as a 3 month forecast planning leader farm to table for over 900 hotels and major contributor to &nbsp;supply market forecasting knowledge to&nbsp; many major farms that require growing and production planning. &nbsp;Daniel has also contributed a lot in the political and environmental arenas over that time. The charming man completed the successful development of several programs to cut fueling costs, emissions, and electrical operations costs. He dresses in a tie most times and is known for his smart clean appearance. He has the ability of getting his partners and clients to see the passion he has for every job he is doing. Keeping client glued to his product updates and Pricing releases and buying opportunities which often set to intrigue the clients and lead market forces.</p> <p>Coming to his current age, he has gained many positive feedbacks from famous personalities. Digging into his personal life, this man prefers being on a low profile. As per sources, he has been blessed with a beautiful daughter. But no information can be found regarding whether if he is married. He resides in Phuket, Thailand and living a luxurious life with his family.He of course has made his mark with higher earnings from his hard work so far as he is given healthy salaries for his participation in regional business development. Daniel Donatelli is a very determined and hard working man &nbsp;and a major asset for any company team.</p> <p><img><img><img><img><img><img><img><img><img><img><img><img><img><img><img><img><img><img><img><img><img> </p><p>He is gutsy as well and is proven to be successful in many places during his career.&nbsp; He has played a great role in expanding and distributing major brands in Asia and is continuing his efforts to prove his worth in his current role. He is an inspiration to the people of the region and industries he represents who want to make their career in Asia Regional Business Management. He has taught the world that success comes along with hard work. His brief wiki can be found on various sites dealing with biography and in the official pages of the Hydrogen Industry as well. His admirers can follow him on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for his daily updates. &nbsp;</p><br></p>... Show Bio

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