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Andrea Tantaros full name is Andrea K. Tantaros whose family roots belong to Greece. Her family owned a restaurant named Piped Piper Diva where she also was a waitress on her teenage year. She completed her high school education from Parkland High School. After high Scholl she went to Lehigh University and finished her major in French and journalism on 2001 and while she was in Lehigh she also wrote for the university’s newspaper. She attended university de Paris at France to pursue her post undergraduate.

In 2003 tantaros moved to Washington D.C. and stayed there till 2005. During her stay in Washington D.C.  She was appointed by the republican leadership as press Secretary for the U.S. House of the Representatives. She was also a member on election campaigns of Bill Wels, Jeanine Pirro and Thomas Reynolds. She was also in Crossfire, a debate show which aired through CNN where she spoke for Richard Wirthlin and Pat Toomey.

In 2005 she went to New York City and opened Andrea Tantraros Media; it gave media plans and tatics to companies and political campaigning. Later she served as a vice president in Sloane and Co., a public firm at Manhattan.

On April 2010 Tantaros was hired by FNC as a contributor for political programs. In the past she was seen in Fox, CNBC, MSNBC and CNN. She also acts as a back-up co-host for The Five. She is frequently seen in fox Business Channel. Her writings are also published weekly on the column section of Newsmax Magazine and New York Daily News newspaper. She is bilingual and can speak Greek, French and Spanish.

Andrea Tantaros is a television correspondent, writer and political commentator and analyst never discuss her personal affair such as married, husband, children, divorce or boyfriend in public so details regarding topic is not revealed in the media. She was born on 30 December, 1978 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She is currently associated with fox news channel (FNC) and can be frequently seen anchoring for FOX Business Channel.Tantaros is also the host of radio program The Andrea Tantaros Show at the moment. It started airing from 1st February 2013 and can be listed thorough three hundred radio stations.

Despite Tantaros age is thirty she still look young. She is very attractive women and her amazing pair of legs and feet add plus points to her beauty. She is admired by her viewers and listeners as she is very experienced anchor women. She loves her job and is happy with it as she receives handsome salary from her current jobs. She might be dating someone but the name of her boyfriend is unknown. Her biography can be obtained from wiki and Fox official webpage. 



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Tony Portillo,   Wednesday, February 19, 2014 06:07pm

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Lawrence Alan Gottfried,   Thursday, July 24, 2014 08:03pm

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