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Amrita Acharia ~ Biography

Amrita Acharia is a young, charismatic Norwegian Actress. She has firmly established herself as a successful actress through her well famous role Irri in the 1st two season of Game of thrones. With no...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Lowri Turner | Biography

Very beautiful, stunning and intelligent Lowri Turner had set herself as a professional TV presenter, journalist, nutritional therapist and hypnotherapist. She celebrates her birthday on 31st December...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 5 2014

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Megyn Kelly | Short Biography

Megyn Marie Kelly eminent as Megyn Kelly is America born News Presenter currently working in Fox News Channel. She in the Channel runs The Kelly File show at Weekdays stationing in New York City. Prio...Read more

Biography | Andrea Tantaros

Andrea Tantaros full name is Andrea K. Tantaros whose family roots belong to Greece. Her family owned a restaurant named Piped Piper Diva where she also was a waitress on her teenage year. She complet...Read more

Christine Romans | Biography

Christine Romans who married her husband Ed Tobinis is one of the pretty and charming correspondent and an anchor. At present she works for CNN who Hosts Early Start on which Zoraida Sambolin hosted t...Read more

Chloe Wilde ~ Biography

Olivia Jane Cockburn is the real birth name of Professional American Actor Famously Known as Chloe Wilde. Wilde was born on New York City on March 10, 1984. She is the daughter of “Leslie Cockburn â...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Julia Mancuso ~ Biography

Julia Mancuso nicknamed as “Super Jules” is a World Cup alpine ski racer with the USA ski team who was born in March 9, 1984, in Reno, Nevada but she spent most of her childhood in Kauai, Hawaii a...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Joan Smalls ~ Biography

A Puerto Rican fashion model, Joan Smalls Rodriguez was born on July 11, 1988 (age 25). Joan is ranked the #1 model in the world according to since September 2012. Her height is 5 feet 10 i...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Liu Wen ~ Biography

Liu Wen is a Chinese fashion model who was born on January 27, 1988(age 25) Yongzhou, Hunan. She is the first model of East Asian descent to walk the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Her height is 5 fe...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Ian Hecox ~ Biography

Ian Hecox is entertainer and member of a web-based comedy duo Smosh. Ian Hecoxwas born on November 30, 1987. He is a born Christian. His mother Cheryl has been featured in multiple Smosh videos and hi...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Troye Sivan ~ Biography

Very young Troye Sivan actual name Troye seven Mellet is famously known as You Tuber, actor, singer was born on 5th June 1995. His actual name is Troye Sivan Mellet. He was born in South Africa but la...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Philip Defranco ~ Biography

Philip defranco is the stage name of PhilipFranchina who was born on December 1, 1985 in New York, USA. He is an A American video blogger and You Tube Celebrity also a famous writer and producer also,...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Jack Harries ~ Biography

Jack Harries is an English Vlogger and former child actress, who was born in 13th may 1993. He was born in London, England. Jack is the son Andy Harries and Rebecca Frayn. His father Andy Harries is t...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

KevJumba ~ Biography

KevJumba is the YouTube user name of best known YouTube Celebrity Kevin Wu. YouTube celebrity Kevin Wu is a Taiwanese American Comedian. Kevin Wu was born in June12, 1990. He was born to Michael Wu, T...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Michelle Plan ~ Biography

Just another old soul, dreamer and Childlike faith Michelle Phan is a successful YouTube person. Teaching and inspiring everyone to become their own best make-up artist. Michelle Phan also known as Ri...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Hanna Hart ~ Biography

Famously known Hanna Hart is an actress and producer. As a modern internet using human, one’s online life is not complete if you haven’t being –watched one or all of the following: known please ...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Ray William Johnson ~ Biography

Ray William Johnson is an American video blogger, producer and actor who were born in August 14; 1981.He was born on Oklahoma City, United States. He is best known for his YouTube Series Equals Three ...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Justine Ezarik ~ Biography

Justine Ezarik is an American viral video comedian, internet personality as well actress and occasional television host. She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States on 20 March 1984.She wa...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Ryan Higa ~ Biography

Ryan Higa is famous American You Tube celebrity with You Tube user name “Nigahiga” which has about 3 million subscribers. He is an actor and producer known for Agents of secrets and Ninja Melk, Ry...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Shane Dawson ~ Biography

Shane Dawson is a young dashing actor from Long Beach, California born in July 19, 1988 current age 25, who started out making videos on YouTube for hobby and eventually became one of the biggest star...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Jenna marbles ~ Biography

Jenna N. Mourey who is more commonly known by her pseudonym Jenna Marbles, is an American entertainer and YouTube Star and belongs to white ethnicity as well. She was born on September 15, 1986 (age 2...Read more

By: My How Book | People | Jan 12 2014

Rocsi Diaz ~ Biography

Raquel Roxanne Diaz famously known as Rocsi Diaz is a Television Personality. She is famous as the co-host on the BET program 106 and Park .Diaz was born on Tegucigalpa, Honduras on 1983.She later mov...Read more

By: Christine Powell | People | Jan 12 2014

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