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Cynthia  Mcfadden

Cynthia Mcfadden

Born on May 27, 1956, in Lewiston, Maine, US, Cynthia McFadden has emerged as a leading news correspondent in modern times. Cynthia is widely known for hosting Nightline, an ABC network show. Except from that, once in a while viewers can catch her on ABC news special show Primetime. Cynthia has been nominated for Emmy Awards for her work. Aside from that multiple other awards are bestowed upon her for her distinct contribution to the network. Cynthia has served to a great degree to a media sector and achieved a bona fide celebrity status in her profession. Cynthia embarked on her professional career in 1984 and so far she is actively engaged in her service. Currently she is contributing as a senior legal correspondent for the network. ...Read more

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